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Prospecting, Lead Generation &
Sales Closures for B2B, all in one place

A fully GDPR Compliant Sales Organization.

No Commitment.

Upgrade, Downgrade & Cancel anytime.

Risk-Free Moneyback - 90 Days.

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Highly targeted B2B Lead Generation and Sales Closures

Lead Generation, Prospecting, Marketease, Sales Closures
Generate high ticket sales from LinkedIn

MarketEase will build and scale your network on LinkedIn to engage a highly targeted audience to pitch and drive conversion-driven conversations followed by appointment setting and sales conversions, all of this completely managed with full transparency.

Drive strategic partnerships to build sustainability

Build capacity and gain an edge over competitors by building a strong network of strategic partners that help in scaling revenue, expanding client base, and sharing knowledge and expertise.

Automate your lead generation and sales conversion with our proprietary technology.

LinkedIn is the most relevant platform for top-quality professional conversations. Build your network on LinkedIn while generating leads and our sales closing team will close the deals for you.

Advertising on LinkedIn is expensive. A single click can cost between 4-6 GBP, and this does not even guarantee a lead. However, LinkedIn still remains to be the top platform to find and speak with Key Decision Makers at organizations.

Lead Generation, Prospecting, Marketease, Sales Closures



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Moneyback - 90 Days.

Unlimited Lead Targeting

Unlimited Sales Calls

2 Business Day Deployment

Use up to 4 LinkedIn Profiles

Up to 12,000 Invites/Month

AI Driven Prospecting

100% Lead Ownership Rights

Direct Integration with CRM

​Sales Navigator Compatibility

Professional Mail ID Integration

Customized Script-Writing Support

Advanced Reporting and Statistics


Basic Social Media Marketing


Lead Database Building - Name, Phone and Email

£150/1000 Contacts 
£550 GBP/4000 Contacts
£1000 GBP/10000 Contacts
Lead Generation, Prospecting, Marketease, Sales Closures
Lead Generation, Prospecting, Marketease, Sales Closures
Lead Generation, Prospecting, Marketease, Sales Closures
Lead Generation, Prospecting, Marketease, Sales Closures
Lead Generation, Prospecting, Marketease, Sales Closures

About Us

MarketEase is a company based in Barcelona, Spain with more than 10 years of experience in marketing automation and high-ticket sales closures across industries. 

Hop on a quick call with our team to walk through our winning process. In this 30-minute call we will cover:

- How prospecting, lead generation, and sales closures are done

- Brief discussion on your target audience and strategy

- Walkthrough and answer any questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generate high ticket sales from LinkedIn

MarketEase works best with B2B businesses that have high-ticket value products and services. We are not limited by any industry, market, or geographical region.

Are there any success-based fee models of engagement?

MarketEase may take up assignments on hybrid model - 75% monthly base fee + 5-7% commission on closure revenue. However, this entirely depends on the nature and industry of the business. We do not work on a full commission basis. In the case of hybrid models, the moneyback will not apply.

How is data security maintained?

An NDA is signed at the beginning of every engagement. All communication, data, and materials received during the course of the engagement are securely stored in our secure private cloud which is highly encrypted.

Who will handle the sales calls with prospects?

MarketEase is home to the best remote high-ticket closers. We go the extra distance to immersively attain all knowledge required to close sales on behalf of the client we represent. A dedicated remote-closer is assigned to each account.

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Seamlessly scale your B2B Marketing and Sales with MarketEase

For the monthly salary of an average associate-level employee, streamline and unify your marketing and sales team efficiently with MarketEase - prospecting, lead generation & sales closures all managed in-house.

Tel: +34-692966541

2, Carrer del Comte d'Urgell, Barcelona, Spain - 08011

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